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Once in a blue moon we find a Stink-eez Pal that doesnít pass our strict quality control. There may be a defect in the fabric, the eye placement might be odd, the fabric may be discontinued, or we might only have one piece instead of a set of two. If you are interested in purchasing a less than perfect Stink-eez product, this is the place for you!

They have the exact same deodorizing, demoisturizing power as our other products. At this time we have Stink-eez Dolphins, Fringe Tail, Lizards and Minis that fall in this category.

Instead of our retail price of $25.95, each set will cost Only $17.95. Thatís an $8.00 per set savings.

At this price we can only honor requests for the scent (vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, woodland, lavender or unscented). Allow us to chose the color, style and print for you. Please keep in mind that the set may not be a matched set.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days


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