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Show your spirit with your team colors!

Stink-eez are a deodorizer that also remove moisture from the interior of athletic wear and accessories.

Stink-eez Sports Squares are the perfect sports accessory. Great for hockey and la crosse gloves and sports bags. Just insert the easy-slide Squares into gloves or throw into sports bags. Stink-eez Squares will wick away moisture and odor. They are so effective, that they also neutralize our power booster scent over a few months.

Stink-eez will continue to work for at least a year. Rejuvenate Stink-eez powerful desiccant by placing in a pillowcase and putting in a medium heat dryer for 5-10 minutes.

Stink-eez come packaged in pairs. We will match your color and print request to our available stock. However due to our ever-changing supply of fabric, we cannot guarantee all color and print requests.

Approximate size 4" x 4" Stink-eez stinkeez stinkies stinkys stinky's stink ease stinkease stink-ease stink-eeze sitnkeeze stink eeze stink-eze stinkeze stink eze stnik sitnk

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